Thursday, March 8, 2012

it's cookie time, babycakes!

i got some quality time with norabird while g-man took his afternoon siesta.  

and we decided to make cookies.

my sweet lil' baby girl is so big.  and GORGEOUS!  i can't believe how much she's grown.  she'll be 3 in may - and i honestly remember (like it was yesterday) bringing her home and her being the same size as grant.

i blinked, had another baby and BAM - she's a little girl.  the baby in her is grown.

she is so much fun.  she LOVES all things kitchen (and chocolate - haha) and i just can't explain in words how much brighter she makes my days. :)

gah!  me lovey this girl so so so SO much.

and so - today i thank God for blessing out family with my sweet lil' bird.  oh how we love hearing her soft voice say, "mama, can you hold me?  i lub you."  and the pitter-patter of her feet running up and down the hall.  thank you, Lord, for that.  watch over and protect her always. :)

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