Friday, March 2, 2012

2 months | oh my how we adore you

hey g-man,

two months old... already. :)

this month you smiled at us.  oh my word - be still my heart. :)  february 10th is a day i will never forget.  it's the day you flashed that million dolla' toothless grin son, and i fell even deeper in love with you.  without further ado - BAM!  here it is:

this month you found your voice too.  you make the silliest little noises.  and when you are mad - well - let's just say you get that from your mama.  and i'm sorry.  you scream until you get what you want.  it's effective, sure, but the chicks won't dig it when you get bigger.  bwaahahaha. :)

you usually go to bed around 8 or 9 and then you sleep 5-6 hours, nurse and go back down for another 3 hours.  me likey that very much son.  keep up the good work my boy.

you are so chill - just like daddy.  you just go where we take you.  and your happy about it. :)  and i love that about you.

your reflux is completely under control too.  it's amazing what a little medicine can do for a dude.  you are such a happy little man.  and - what's more - you take your strong peppermint tasting medicine like a champ.  :)

this month has been a little rough.  we found out grammy has end stage liver disease and likely has under a year to live without a liver transplant.  this was devastating news and daddy and i have been doing lots of homework and taking care of her.  and sooo... i haven't had nearly as much time to sit and stare at you - but you seem to be ok with that.  thank you son.

you got your first round of shots this month too - and that was really hard on me.  ugh.  i HATE it when you are in pain.  i'd take it all away if i could.  you were brave though...

your eyes will definitely be blue.  they are getting lighter like daddy's and nora's.  :)

you've already grown so much - and i can't wait to watch you get bigger and bigger. :)  we adore you son.  you bring such joy into our home and we are eternally grateful for you.

it should be known, too, that nora adores you g.  and she is becoming EXTREMELY possessive.  when anyone holds you she'll let them cuddle for a couple minutes and then say, "ummm, mama... i want my baby back now.  thanks."  grammy called you a crybaby the other day and i thought she might carve a shank out of her thomas train and stab her.  she is super protective.  like SUPER.

only she can be mean to you.  bwaaahaha. :)  just kidding... don't worry - i put the brakes on that. :)

love always,



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