Wednesday, December 21, 2011

t minus 7 days. roger that.

hello interwebz.

today i am 39 weeks pregnant with my sweet lil' baby grant.  i really don't have any complaints.  i'm feeling pretty good - with exception of the complete and utter exhaustion, acid reflux and aching hips - but nothing that isn't to be expected at this point.

i'm getting up to pee between two and three times a night.  my third time usually always comes at about 430am and i really struggle to get back to sleep... but i can't decide if that is because kevin is sawing logs or i'm 39 weeks pregnant... bwaahaha.

we have a temperpedic bed and temperpedic = heaven.  fo' realz.  i feel like it's a pool.  you know - when your in the pool you are all weighless and floaty and then when your big pregnant booty steps out of the pool (or in this case off the temperpedic) realty slaps you in the face and BAM - you're 39 weeks pregnant.  take that.  how's that feel bee-otcch?  and it hurts.  like bad.  alas.

i'm very very VERY excited to meet mr. g-baby though.  i'm anxious too - because it really could come at any time.  i "access the situation" everytime i wake up to pee because my water broke in the middle of the night with nora.  :)  nothing yet.  LOL.

i really do hope grant stays put until after christmas at this point, though.  the hospital is on "lock-down" because of whooping cough and that means that the potential for me to have a baby on christmas and not be able to see nora AT. ALL.  is there.  and that sucks.  i just want to make nora's christmas a happy one.  aaaannnnddd i think having a birthday on christmas is the pits.  you know, long term for grant. :)  so we'll see what God thinks, eh?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

holy macaroni! it's been 7 months!

first off - i'm so sorry for completely ignoring my little space on the interwebz.  i've been, well... busy.  bwaahaha.

since there really is just toooo much that has happened in these last 7 months - let's just pretend i was updating the whole time.  we'll start from today and move forward.

i'm pregnant.  and due and 14 days.  surprise! :)  LOL.  big things are coming for our house and we couldn't be happier.  

i know these aren't really technically fantastic photos - but it turns out that a 37w4d pregnant lady in heeled boots running to and from her camera in 35 degree snowy slippery weather with an 8 second self timer doesn't produce gold. who woulda' thunk?

bwaahahaha. alas. something is better than nothing.  without further ado, here is my favorite:

and the runner-up (i missed the angle - you can't really tell i'm as pregnant as i am...)

i'm feeling rather proud that i got anything at all.  i haven't been feeling up to taking many pictures lately - especially of myself.  because that means i have to do my hair and take off my most favorite pajama pants i've been rocking for the last three weeks.  alas. :)

today i very graciously give the glory and the gratitude to God for the opportunity to grow our family and double the pitter-patter that roams this house.