Monday, January 23, 2012

a little whiff of heaven

let me just preface this entry with this:  i am a compulsive baby sniffer.  it's just what i do.  if it's not my baby, i try to be all ninja about it and be all sly - but when it's my babe - oh my... i don't hide it. at. all.

that said; tonight what grant-zilla's bath night.  seriously you guys - after soaking him in water and cleaning all the milk out of his chunky little neck the boy smells like heaven.  this is the conversation that took place tonight between his daddy and i:

me:  he. smells. like. heaven.  fo' realz.
dh:  :sniffs:  hmmm... i guess i just don't get it.
me:  what?
dh:  i said, i guess i just don't get it.  it must be a woman thing.
me:  no - i'm just trying to give you a heads up.  when you get to heaven be prepared to smell freshly laundered baby grant.  because that's what heaven smells like.  seriously.  you really don't think he smells delicious?
dh:  well, i mean, he doesn't smell bad... he just smells like, i don't know... baby.
me:  whatevs.  just remember when you get there and sniff and it smells just like g - think of this conversation.
dh:  nah.  maybe your heaven.
me:  NO!  everyone's heaven.  it's just that good honey.
dh:  well, maybe that's what YOU will smell... but not me.
me:  oh yah?  fine.
dh:  my heaven will smell like... bacon.

awesome.  bwaaahahaha.

tonight (or i guess at this point - this morning... LOL) i give the glory and the gratitude to God for blessing my family with my ah-mazing husband.  he is so much more than i ever thought i would have.  he is the most amazing daddy - so kind, gentle, compassionate and loving.  and funny to boot. :)  how blessed are we to have such an amazing daddy for lula and grant and such a sweet husband for the mamas?  love.  thank you God - thank you so very much. :)

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  1. My heaven for sure smells like baby. Seriously I am a sniffer too, I smell D about a million times per day. Nothing better!