Monday, January 9, 2012

{9 days new}

a couple things:

first:  i realized i left out perhaps some of the most important details of baby g's birth!  he came into this world on new years eve (12/31/11) at 12:35am weighing 8lbs, 0 oz and was 21 inches long.  he had a full head of brown hair and long pretty eyelashes (seriously... why is it the dudes always get the fantastic eyelashes?  LOL).  

second:  we are 9 days in and he's doing fantastic.  he nurses like a champ which is awesome... nora and i really struggled in the beginning.  i won't lie - he does have his days and nights backwards which is very frustrating at about 4:00 am when i'm up feeding him for the fourth time that night and he is wide awake and wants to play.  :)  alas.  it won't be like this for long and there are some nights when i just don't even mind it because the nights are the times when i can really just focus in on him and me without having to worry about whether or not nora wants to play with us too or kevin is hungry. :)  hehe. 

all in all - i'm love love LOVING life as a mommy and a wife.  

having baby g in his newborn state has been awesome for my photography hobby too.  i am finding it a little bit tough to find the time (and energy) to set up the shots i really want - but the practice has been fun. :)  he is adorable and i'm loving being able to bottle him up in my pictures.  here is one:

gah!  isn't he just adorable?  don't you just want to nibble him up?  well too bad - you can't because he's mine. :)  hehehe.

today was kev's first day back on the j-o-b and i was pretty nervous to be with nora and grant by myself.  it's been so nice to have kev to occupy nora while i tend to grant this last week.  it's gone much better than i thought it would - we even took a walk this afternoon. :)  nora adores grant - it's me that her frustration lies with.  and thats ok. :)  better me than him.  

today i give the glory and the gratitude to God for my beautiful kids.  may God bless them with long, healthy, happy lives.  :)

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