Wednesday, December 14, 2011

holy macaroni! it's been 7 months!

first off - i'm so sorry for completely ignoring my little space on the interwebz.  i've been, well... busy.  bwaahaha.

since there really is just toooo much that has happened in these last 7 months - let's just pretend i was updating the whole time.  we'll start from today and move forward.

i'm pregnant.  and due and 14 days.  surprise! :)  LOL.  big things are coming for our house and we couldn't be happier.  

i know these aren't really technically fantastic photos - but it turns out that a 37w4d pregnant lady in heeled boots running to and from her camera in 35 degree snowy slippery weather with an 8 second self timer doesn't produce gold. who woulda' thunk?

bwaahahaha. alas. something is better than nothing.  without further ado, here is my favorite:

and the runner-up (i missed the angle - you can't really tell i'm as pregnant as i am...)

i'm feeling rather proud that i got anything at all.  i haven't been feeling up to taking many pictures lately - especially of myself.  because that means i have to do my hair and take off my most favorite pajama pants i've been rocking for the last three weeks.  alas. :)

today i very graciously give the glory and the gratitude to God for the opportunity to grow our family and double the pitter-patter that roams this house.

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