Tuesday, April 5, 2011

cousin-ly love

this last weekend we hosted three of my favorite people on earth - my nephews jordo and cob-monster and my niece who lula calls "knee-knee."

it always makes for a fun time.  take the pitter patter of lula's feet, times it by three and you've got a whole lotta' fun.  the kind of fun where bedtime is a complete tragedy because lula never wants it to end.  i seriously love it.  my heart sings. :)

we had a full day of fishing and dressing up like frogs at the museum, then into my jetted bathtub where the bubbles almost spilled over the sides and into their semi-matching thomas the tank engine jammies for a crazy 5k around the house.  

and then it was bedtime.  the monster said, "waz dat fun?  yah?  huh?  yah? ok, lula.  i loves you."  and he gave her this hug:

:swoon:  i seriously adore this picture.  even though technically it is a complete mess, i chopped off the monster's foot and his stinky smelly full o' holes blankey is in there.  this is life.  and no one lives it like the kids, am i right? :)

:love:  thanks for letting us borrow your kidz, b & j.  we adore them.

today i give all the glory and the gratitude to God for these kids and the bond they will forever share.  and the simple fact i get to watch it all play out everyday.

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