Friday, March 11, 2011

winter is the pits :)

winter is the pits come march in montana.

we are pretty much feeling like winter has much overstayed its welcome.  we are ready for spring!  spring brings the sun, flowers, bike rides and good times.  right?  am i right?  of course i am.

this is what the "winter bike ride" looks like in our neck of the woods:

gah... i can't get over the cuteness. :)

see - we are the ::insert our last name here:: that DO wear our helmets.  because we are safe.  take that j. :)  bwaahahaha!

today i give the glory and gratitude to God for beautiful scenery just steps out our house, bike rides in the winter, helmets (of course) and snacks that will never make it into the mouth. :)

happy friday!

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