Friday, February 18, 2011

lula and cowlicks :)

nora needed a haircut.  she really was on the verge of a mullet and as a young lady in montana - that just won't do.  her bangs were in her face and it was just time.

so we went in to the premier children's salon in the downtown district and set nora up with yo gabba gabba softly serenading her on their multiple screen tv system, a raspberry sucker and a "magic cape" ::cue ta-da's!:: to catch her hair.

then we sat her in the CUUUUTE little red pedal car chair and that is when all hell broke lose.  fo' realz.  she was mad FURIOUS!  i attempted to console her by doing my normal drunken hippy dance and singing along to whatevah song the gabba gang was singing - but no dice.
and so - i decided to just let her do what she was going to do and just take pictures.  and soooo... she screamed into the very nice and patient beautician's ears the WHOLE TIME.

needless to say - we left a big tip.  bwaahahaha.

today i give the glory and the gratitude to God for the nice lady that cut nora's hair, cute lil' shops downtown and pedal car haircutting stations.  because seriously ya'll it was cute.

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  1. I love it! My nephews get their hair cut at that same place.